The Bitcoin Opportunity

You buy a bitcoin vending machines and place them in retail locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars and nightclubs. You keep bitcoin loaded in the machines, and every time a customer purchases bitcoin you collect the transaction fee, known as a “surcharge.” The average surcharge fee is approximately $3.00 nationally,
but businesses like nightclubs and other high-end locations can range anywhere from $3 to even $10 per transaction.

5,000 transactions is a gross fee revenue of $15,000.00 at the above rate.

Retailers report that bitcoin vending machines resulted in free publicity, extra consumer traffic, and more sales in general!

What are the best locations for bitcoin vending machines?
Any place a bank ATM could be located is a perfect place for a bitcoin machine. In our opinion, selling bitcoin is no different than selling prepaid debit cards, lottery tickets, or phone cards. We expect that now is the key time to secure the best locations for bitcoin vending machines. Bitcoin can also be used for foreign remittances like Western Union. Customers turn to bitcoin to send money to friends and relatives abroad due to the cost savings.


We’re working on offering advertising space on machines, cabinets, screens and receipts and will pass along a revenue share to owner’s in our network. You can also sell your own advertising for additional revenue

Where do I buy Bitcoin for my machine?
Bitcoin is readily available. We can work with you to secure a source of bitcoin. At this time, we do not sell Bitcoin. Depending on your jurisdiction, we may be able to preload your machine with bitcoin for a small additional fee.

How much does it cost to start?

A fully functioning machine can be purchased from us for $1,500. We recommend that it is stocked with $500 worth of Bitcoin. For a approximately $2,000, you can be in the bitcoin business.

Shipping and Handling
Shipping is free in the United States. We provide 90 days customer service and warranty support for our machines. You can buy additional warranty or extended service if you need it.

We offer a variety of ATM leasing plans to help you get a bitcoin machine with little money out of your pocket. We can even create a customized program just for you.

Free Bitcoin machine placement
We realize that some business owners just do not want to deal with owning a bitcoin vending machine. That’s why we offer our free placement program to locations that qualify. You can get a new bitcoin machine in your business without having to deal with any of the responsibilities of managing or owning a cash machine. We will give you a percentage of the revenue that the machine generates.

Do I need any special knowledge or training?
Not really. If you can operate a home computer or smart phone, you already have the skills to operate a Bitcoin vending machine.